Level 3 Riding Class

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This four-hour training begins with a recap of Level 2, and advanced cornering techniques for the road, before moving on to overtaking, freeway riding, lane splitting and making effective progress in traffic.

You're a competent rider with plenty of miles under your belt on a range of different roads and terrains. Maybe there's a specific area you'd like to focus on where you lack a little confidence, or maybe you'd just like to have a riding health-check and pick up some new tips along the way.

We meet at a location of your choice where we discuss the aspects of your riding that you'd like to improve.

We set you up with your intercom, and then it's out onto the road.

We will make an initial assessment of your riding, and identify areas for development within the curriculum we have discussed.

We finish the session with a debrief of the ride, and some guidelines to help you moving forward.