Level 2 Riding Class

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This four-hour training in Level 2 builds upon the foundations of Level 1, and the system of motorcycle control: information, position, speed, gear, acceleration. Now we place much more emphasis on cornering techniques, and in particular positioning for corners, line selection and use of the limit point.

You've been riding for a while, but you feel you need to improve your cornering ability. You're a little unsure about positioning prior to corner entry. You sometimes have difficulty assessing the sharpness of a corner which affects your line selection. And counter-steering still feels a little uncomfortable.

We meet at a location of your choice where we discuss your specific cornering challenges, and identify how we're going to help you resolve them.

We set up your intercom, and then it's out onto the road to ride a range of different corners from long sweepers to tight twisties and switchbacks.

We will make an initial assessment of your riding, and identify areas for development within the curriculum we have discussed.

We finish the session with a debrief of the ride, and some guidelines to help you going forward.