Our Story

Hello, I'm Pete Chapman, and I set up VenturaMoto to improve the safety of motorcycle riders who spend a lot of time riding on public roads.

So here's my story, and why I believe I'm ideally suited to provide this service.

I lived in England until 2010. My passion for motorcycles dates back to when I was 5 or 6 years old, however I only got my license to ride on the street in 1998. To keep me safe, I made a commitment to become a lifelong learner of motorcycle skills. I took many advanced riding courses both at racetracks and on the road. I love going to the track and exploring new limits, but I also love motorcycle tours to discover new destinations.

In the United Kingdom, many courses are held in the real-life environment of the road. The primary aim of which is to train riders to handle all the associated hazards. Much of this training is provided by police officers, and is based on a system known as Roadcraft. The same system these officers use to keep themselves safe in the line of duty. 

I spent many days out riding with British police officers, and I studied Roadcraft extensively.

When I had the opportunity to live and work in Southern California, I leapt at the chance - all year round riding, and no rain!

As I continued my advanced training courses on the racetrack with Reg Pridmore's CLASS school and California Superbike School, I noticed there weren't any road-based courses. 

Around the same time, I was looking to change my career and move away from corporate software sales towards a bigger purpose. My passion led me to become a motorcycle coach and instructor. 

I was introduced to Total Control Training. I went through their Instructor Training program, and began to deliver the California Motorcycle Safety Program for beginner riders. 

As this is only part-time, my thoughts went back to providing the kind of road-based courses that I found of such great value in the UK. I felt there was an ideal opportunity for me to complement my work with CMSP by offering private 1:1 coaching based on the British Roadcraft system to riders in California.

This marked the beginning of VenturaMoto.

Although a young company, we are spurred on by the number of passionate motorcyclists that agree with our approach.