Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about VenturaMoto. If you don't find the answer to your questions here, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone at 805.232.4353, email at or via the contact page.


Q. How is this course different from other training programs?

Our main point of difference is the training environment we use. Most parking lot programs teach physical riding skills on an off-road range, and strategic concepts in a classroom. However, our program introduces strategies for riding on the road, and builds the necessary physical and mental skills. While track days can build physical riding skills in a predictable environment with no traffic risks, each VenturaMoto training session introduces you to unfamiliar roads complete with traffic and junctions which you must observe, understand and react to safely.


Q. I've only recently completed my CMSP training class. Is your training too advanced for me?

Absolutely not! Once you've practiced the machine-handling skills you learned on your CMSP or MSF course, and you've gained an initial appreciation of riding on the road, now is the ideal time to begin developing your more advanced road riding skills. We coach many students who have recently got their license, and now want to start learning how to be safe in a street environment. Our course is personalized to your needs and requirements, and it's pitched at your level. Providing appropriate learning and development without overwhelming you or pushing you faster than you want to go.


Q. I'm an experienced rider with many years under my belt. Why should I sign up for VenturaMoto advanced skills training?

Many of our customers are lifelong students looking to continually improve their riding skills, riding enjoyment and safety. These well-trained riders regularly tell us that our on-street program has had a dramatic impact on their riding, changing habits they'd had for years and opening their eyes to abilities they had never realized before. We believe that riders of all skill and experience levels come away with something valuable. 


Q. What can I expect to learn?

Each of our levels is designed to introduce and hone skills that are vital to survival on the street, and vital to the enjoyment of motorcycling. Picking up where parking lot courses leave off, VenturaMoto training courses apply proven road riding strategies. While your individual requirements will guide the exact content of each course, our overall curriculum addresses:

  • System of Motorcycle Control: taking, using and giving information followed by the four phases of position, speed, gear and acceleration
  • Information, Observation and Anticipation: how to process complex information when riding, and how to use that information to plan your riding actions
  • Acceleration, Gears and Braking: how acceleration, braking and cornering affect tire grip and machine stability. Using the throttle, gears and brakes accurately and smoothly in a range of circumstances and for different purposes
  • Cornering: how to use the system of motorcycle control and the limit point for accurate cornering. How to position your machine for the best view when cornering
  • Positioning: how to position your bike safely on the approach to hazards. How to get the best view into junctions. The appropriate positions for following other vehicles, turning and stopping
  • Overtaking: how to assess and overtake different types of hazards safely in a wide range of circumstances. How to use the following position and overtaking position safely
  • Riding on Freeways and Multi-Lane Roads: how you can safely adapt your position and speed for overtaking, junctions and other hazards. Safe lane-splitting.


Q. Am I expected to ride fast?

No. VenturaMoto advanced skills training is personalized specifically to you, and as such you are encouraged to ride at a pace that is comfortable for you. The only speed requirement we have is that we expect you to be able and willing to maintain the speed limit on straight sections of road in the interest of safety.


Q. How much experience should I have to participate in a VenturaMoto training tour?

We generally recommend that you have at least 500 miles of recent on-road experience prior to booking your place.


Q. Does VenturaMoto provide or rent motorcycles?

No, but we can help coordinate motorcycle rentals in the area from reputable agents. All rental agreements will be with the rental company and not VenturaMoto.


Q. Still have questions?

Just complete an information request, drop us an email at of give us a call at 805.232.4353. We're always pleased to discuss your specific requirements, and answer other questions you may have.