The Road is Our Classroom

The road is where you clock up the majority of your miles. It also has many hazards which your riding skills need to be able to handle.

Therefore, once you've learned good machine control skills, the best place to learn the rest of your craft is on the road. We'll coach you in the strategies for handling a range of different situations, so you become safer, smoother and more confident in this environment.

In Southern California we are fortunate to have some of the finest riding roads in the world, combined with many different kinds of terrain. This allows us to select a suitable route for your level, and for the specific skills on which you wish to focus.

Whether we cruise down Pacific Coast Highway followed by the famous Mulholland Hwy... or whether we take Maricopa Hwy through the Los Padres National Forest and up to Pine Mountain... you'll enjoy the beautiful scenery of a mini-tour while perfecting your skills.